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Additional features


Rent x day

Rear tent

Tent totally adjustable to different types of vehicles, which allows to expand the space outside it, allowing to create another environment such as kitchen, living room or external changing machine, ideal for rainy and shelter days.

Floor tent

Store for two people practice and waterproof.


Practice and light, ideal for eating and preparing food outdoors or to draw the map of your next destination.


It may include enough camping chairs for the number of people from your group (up to 4).

Single payment


Mandatory insurance against third parties to circulate in Chile.

Border Document

Compulsory documentation for Argentine-Chile border crossing.

Baby seat

Adjustable with transverse safety belt on the chest (without

Solar shower

20 -liter bag (5 gallons) that heats the sun to the sun for a pleasant night shower.


Propane deposit of 227 grams.


Pillow and pillow case, adjustable sheet and blanket. (Does not include towel).

Sleeping bag

Synthetic sleeping bag, with mummy format. Equipped with a wide closure and a hood. Perfect for extreme cold conditions.